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What to do when you fall off the wagon or, habit building for health eating.

Boy fell off his wagon, lying in grass

Do you have the best intentions of eating healthy, do well for a week or two, then fall off the wagon? Has this happened more than once?

If so, you're not alone!

The key to healthy eating is sustainability, so staying on the wagon is key to long-term success.

If falling off the wagon is normal, but staying on the wagon is the key to success, what do you do? Read on to find out.

Falling off the wagon - it happens to everyone

I started out blogging regularly, every Saturday I'd sit down at my computer and blog something spectacular. I thrive on habit, so this was working for me.

But then I went on vacation, got sick when I got back, then went out of town for work.

Suddenly three weeks have gone by without a blog post, and getting back in the habit hasn't worked well (I was home this Saturday but no blog was written!).

The first tip to getting back on track is to not beat yourself up about falling off track. It happens to everyone, what matters is how fast you can get back on track.

So, if you have a bad week of eating, as soon as you realize this and want to change, try again tomorrow. It may take a couple of tomorrows to get back in the habit, but that's okay!

Just keep trying.

Habit building take practice

Nutrition isn't always the most important thing in life. Things happen that are more important than healthy eating, or that prevent you from making good food choices. What matters is that when those things subside, that nutrition becomes important again.

Do your best when life is exploding, then when it calms down, make nutrition a priority again.

No matter how good you are at sticking to your plan, there will be times in life when you cannot, or even should not follow it. The quicker you can get back on track, the better.

The more you fall off the wagon and get back on, the better you'll get at it. So, think of those times as practice! Whenever things go poorly, it's an opportunity to practice getting back on track!

Case in Point

I'm writing this blog on a Monday. My usual blogging day is a Saturday, but as I mentioned before, it didn't happen this past Saturday.

I had planned to get back on track this coming Saturday. But, I had a bit of time this evening, so took the opportunity to blog! My plan is to still blog this Saturday, but it's better to try getting back on track sooner than later. Don't let life happen in the meantime!

Remember that falling off the wagon happens to everyone, and it's a normal part of life for ebbs and flows. What matters most in sustainable, long term healthy eating is getting back on the wagon ASAP, and repeating this over and over.

If you're having trouble with consistency, or need help developing a plan that's sustainable, contact me! I'm happy to help.

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